Coded by kesu

Since I got RSI from gaming too much I've been doing a lot less coding than I used to do, but every now and then I create something. This is where I'll put it if I think it is any good and of interest to others. As you can see this page is very empty right now, but I'll see if I can find something old to fill it with.

css-leak - Something I'm toying with which will try to guess your internet history by utilizing a privacy "leak" with CSS. I don't remember where I originally found this idea, but I'll add some sources when I get around to it, because most of my HTML\CSS was based on something I found. Backend coding in PHP was all done by me. I plan on making this a kind of a service, and I'll release the source once I'm done with that.

brain - Just a small piece of code I wrote to try out the sqlite3 database for PHP. Not sure why I dubbed this "brain", I guess "lists" would be more apt...Aaaanyways: Example and Source
Note: Discovered that sqlite does not support XOR. This puzzles me, I would like to know the technical reason for this. Anyways, if you ever wondered you can write it as a bitwise calculation like this: (~(a&b))&(a|b)

hash - create hashes with various algorithms from a string.

ArduinoLCD.rar - Code for sending text from a internet page (PHP) to a LCD connected to Arduino using Processing. Most of the props for this goes to There is some scrap code left in the processing code that I didn't bother with cleaning out yet, but the code should be easy enough for you to understand. And yes, I know this isn't what Processing is for, but I'm a lazy guy ;D