Hello there,

Kenneth Sundby, that's me. There's not much to say about me, but as you can see I am kind of a minimalist. I have few wants and needs. As long as I have a place to live, a laptop, the internet, a TV and video games I am very content. The fewer things I have, the happier I am. ‘tis strange indeed, I know, but that is how I am. I am also an introvert, and I prefer it that way.

I have a blog which I update bi-annually. Every once in a while I take some photos which I post to my Flickr account, but after I lost my camera it has only been updated with poor cell phone quality. I plan on buying a camera some day, but knowing myself it’ll probably take a few years.

I used to devote a lot of time to coding, but nowadays I mostly code utilities I need for work, or to help out friends and co-workers. If I wasn’t so lazy I could probably publish some of this, but that would mean I’d have to comment the code and make it readable for someone else than me. (Honestly, if I check out code I wrote just some weeks ago I can hardly understand it myself.)